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“Everything you achieve in life comes down to Mindset”

Whether you’re an individual, organisational leader or a workplace team member, learn how to grow, develop & maximise your Mindset today!

Do you want more effective communication?

We incorporate fun ways to engage the audience such as mini drama, video and audio clips, opportunities to be part of the delivery, and live stage shows with audience interaction.

We aim to introduce new learning whilst using existing appropriate knowledge from our regular research. We are also upskilling ourselves as we undertake professional training each year.

The whole aim of what we do is to empower the client to make positive change. We will support and guide the client until independence is gained.


“Ross McWilliam has been a valuable and regular contributor on ITV Granada Reports. He is a talented communicator and can offer a keen insight into emotional and mental health”

Anna Youssef Producer ITV Granada

“Enthusiastic, enthralling, and entertaining, Ross McWilliam is an inspiring individual. I’ve known Ross for many years, and much as I have to do on a daily basis at BBC News, he engages the audience. Ross clearly has a love for learning and is also passionate to share that knowledge.”

Richard Frediani
Senior News Editor BBC

“I have known Ross for many years and worked with him in a number of different capacities. He has now found his niche as a motivational speaker and accomplished author. He connects directly with audiences, creating positive and lasting change.”

David Taylor
Pro Chancellor, University of Central Lancashire, Chairman Lancashire Enterprise Partnership.

“I have worked with Ross for a number of years. Beyond his knowledge and qualifications, he has a clear knack of engaging and connecting with his audience. He is authentic and his delivery is bespoke every time. He is a leader in mindsets.”

David Fann
Associate Headteacher, Former NAHT Secretary

“Ross never fails to come up with new ways to engage his audience – the learning is always bespoke and professional. Ross delivered a great session on body language to aspiring Financial Directors.”

Clare Parisi

“This is the second year we have used Ross. He is down to earth, professional and always makes sure we learn what we need to learn…and in an engaging way.”

Sara Hartmann
Dusseldorf International School