Personal development/mindset expert Ross McWilliam has examined the negative effect social media can have on a conference and audience engagement.

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Mindset is
I help people and organisations develop a powerful, positive mindset to unlock their potential and achieve their goals.
Unlock your
I help people and organisations develop a powerful, positive mindset to unlock their potential and achieve their goals.

Coaching for Performance

My coaching programmes involve working closely with individuals to guide and mentor them through the challenges they’re experiencing.

Do your rising stars need mentoring and upskilling? Would you like to develop an effective workforce? Could your senior leaders be more engaged and productive?


Mentoring your rising stars
Motivating your people
Improving your culture

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Motivating your people
Improving your culture
Building resilience

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Training for Excellence

Designed to give people the mind armour they need to work more productively, deal with the day-to-day stresses they experience, and be more productive at work and happier in their life – a work/life harmony.

Do your staff need some mental health first-aid? Would you like everyone to improve their communication skills? Are your young professionals looking for direction?


Improving communication
Giving direction
Improving productivity

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Anger management
Educational development
Emotional confidence

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Speaking for Knowledge

Delivered in an engaging and entertaining style, I can deliver keynote speeches to all sizes of audiences.  From small, intimate groups of people to large conference centres, there’s no death by PowerPoint in my keynote addresses.

I can be a guest keynote speaker at your corporate event, host your conference or meeting, or be a subject matter expert for your news report.

It’s all about Edu-tainment where the audience are the stars!


Productivity and engagement
Resilience in the workplace
Executive well-being


Reaching your potential
Staff development
Being your best

Mental Health First Aid

As a nationally accredited member of Mental Health First Aid England (MHFA), and an Adult and Youth Specialist, I deliver professional development training in all aspects of mental health and wellbeing.

Available in various formats – a half-day awareness course or a full, two-day certified course.

Young Professionals

When young people take their first steps into the business, education or sporting world, gaining a quality set of onboarding skills and attitudes will accelerate their professional success.

Building a solid foundation of mental toughness gives young professionals the confidence they need to achieve their goals.