Personal development/mindset expert Ross McWilliam has examined the negative effect social media can have on a conference and audience engagement.

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Training for Excellence

Many think training is similar to coaching, but there are significant differences. Coaching involves working alongside someone to help them develop or put into practice a new skill. Training is about teaching them that skill.

As educators, you don’t need me to explain the importance of learning new skills – you’re doing it daily. But certain topics call for specialist teaching. Mental health and well-being are examples of those topics.

My training enhances emotional confidence, resilience and provides a robust and positive mindset for teachers and students alike.

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Who do I train?

I work with staff and students at all education levels – primary & secondary schools, colleges, and universities.

Typically, I train:

Headteachers & NQTs

Middle leaders


TA & support staff

Pupils, parents & carers