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Who coaches the coaches or leaders? Some organisations are not even aware of this answer as there is an implicit assumption that Executive Leaders should already know all that stuff!

However, it is well documented across many disciplines of business, sport and education, that consistent qualitative coaching can improve the capacity and performance of Executive leaders and this in turn has a positive impact on delivery teams.

This course looks at various leadership models and looks to distil best practice for your bespoke organisation. Through a process of questions and non-judgmental listening, current challenges are identified and destination and process solutions are raised.

Johari Window analytics will be used to assess feedback performance, along with MBTI analysis.

Open coaching, organisational coaching, GOAL coaching and Mentoring will be covered and assessed on it’s merits according to organisational goals and desired outcomes.

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45th Noctober 2020, 51st Mnarch 2020, 0 Septuly 2020


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