Motivational Speaking

Ross speaks at conferences on subjects such as Motivational Mindsets, Mental Health & Wellbeing, Resilience, Empowering Yourself, Reaching Potential, Developing Children, Producing Young Professionals and Emotional Development for Leaders.

When Ross speaks he uses a combination of evidence based research, global anecdotal stories, personal experiences and a huge dollop of audience interaction and participation – you have been warned!


“It’s the second time Ross has worked with us during our National Conference Day and he has never failed to deliver. He captivates audiences and has a gentle, engaging nature to his delivery”

Nick Mathers, Conference Lead, The Manchester College

“I just wanted to formally thank you for an excellent key note session which was delivered to the School Business Managers. I am sure everyone got something out of your mental health and wellbeing session. I look forward to seeing you at Essex Rainham SBM Conference next month.”

Sandy Tomlinson, Founder & ChairNewham School Business Management Network

“Ross delivered an interactive keynote speech to out Year 11 leavers and parents. In an audience of over 750, you could hear a pin drop as he demonstrated how to engage the audience. Fortunately, there were no smashed eggs!”

Mark Jackson, Headteacher, Haslingden High School.

Sample Speech Content

1 Is Resilience All Its Cracked Up To Be?

Everyone keeps telling us that the secret to success is resilience. You seemingly can’t get enough of it! It’s the panacea answer to everything. But as Ross reveals, some resilience is crucial, but too much could actually undermine you professionally and personally. 

Drawing on his personal lived experiences of a high achievement orientation, his over resilience attitude, along with evidenced based research, Ross explores the concept that indeed we can have too much resilience and this could create disastrous outcomes. 

Ross takes the listener on a journey to identify what resilience means at different parts of our lives, and what is the optimal amounts needed to reach our own potential in life.

2 How To Reach Your Growth Mindset Potential In Life

It has been well documented that we have periods of exponential emotional and intellectual growth periods throughout our early lives. To be able to maximise this, we need a willingness to improve, a support system that will grow our talents and an awareness of progress that promotes further growth.

Ross identifies components of growth mindset that can have exponential benefits if introduced at key times of our development. He uncovers the 5 secrets of growth mindset success and demonstrates specific easy in which these ca be applied, both during our formative school years, and also as we develop in later life. He talks about the work of Dr Carol Dweck, Dr Angela Duckworth, Professor Barry Hymer and the latest neurological brain analysis that has collectively illuminated our understanding of mindsets.

It’s never too late to improve. It’s not who gets there first that wins, just as long as you get there!

3 The Four Pillars of Mental Health & Well-being

Since the Covid Pandemic society has been re-focused on health and well-being. As an MHFA England Instructor Member, Ross is well aware of the constant need to improve everyone’s mental and emotional well-being.

It all starts from an awareness of your won emotional well-being and from this place, you can start to fit together the jigsaw pieces of your own life.

Ross talks through a range of strategies and simple tips that help to embed better well-being and coping strategies. He identifies and measures current stress levels and offers anecdotal stories of success and sadly failure, when well-being goes abruptly wrong!

4 Child Prodigies

There is an age old question : Is it genetics or environment that creates a powerful and effective mindset. 

Journalist and behaviour expert Matthew Syed talks about mindset in terms of it growing it, rather than being born with it. Malcolm Gladwell talked about 10,000 hours of purposeful practice before you can call yourself an expert. 

Ross will reference so called child prodigies such as Mozart, Tiger Woods and Jaqueline Du Pre and chart their course to the top….and in some cases, their demise.

Ross will distil what it takes to be successful in life and how even later in life we can grow our mindset. 

He has spoken at various national, regional and local conferences, including:

  • Business Network International.2016 (Preston, Leyland, Chorley)
  • Federation of Small Businesses 2016 (Chorley)
  • National Association of Headteachers 2017 (Chester)
  • National Conference Institute of Business Leadership ISBL 2018 (Birmingham)
  • National Association of Colleges National Conference 2018 (Nottingham)
  • National Education Music Conference Wells Independent School 2018 (Somerset Wells)
  • Airbus BAe Senior Leaders Conference 2018 (Chester)
  • Lancashire Association of School Business Managers Conference 2019 (Chorley)
  • Hounslow Education Authority Regional SBM Conference 2019 (London)
  • North West School Business Manager’s Conference 2019 (Wirral)
  • Newham Education Authority SBM Conference 2019 (London)
  • Cheltenham Headteachers Association Conference 2019 (Cheltenham)
  • Havering Education Authority National Conference 2020 (Essex)
  • The Manchester College International Conference 2020 (Manchester)
  • Aspire National Conference 2020 (Wigan)

Did you know….Ross also creates bespoke motivational speeches to order!