In Business

Ross has a wealth of experience working with various business organisations such as BAe Airbus, Commercial Managers Association, Federation of Small Businesses, BNI International, UCLAN, Wells International Music Academy, and ITV Granada Reports.

He offers a variety of learning modules, either face to face or online, and much of his training and development is created in a bespoke manner for the individual client based upon their specific needs. His aim is to change behaviour mindsets referencing current research, adopting a variety of educational engagement processes and using a keen ear to listen to the needs of the organisation. Success for Ross is when the organisation makes positive change and is empowered to work independently in the future.

Ross has found particular success in developing young talent who have recently joined the workforce and it is his delivery of these ‘onboarding skills’ that have helped him develop his reputation.  

People Development

  • Awareness and Breaking of Barriers
  • Resilience
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • Developing Self-belief and Emotional Confidence
  • Motivation & Willpower
  • Emotional Competency – using emotions, changing behaviours, emotional intelligence, anger management, personality profiling
  • Communication Skills – presentation styles, pitching, networking, body language, listening skills, impact statements
  • Efficacy Development – time management, concise meeting skills, strategic and tactical use of resources, stakeholder analysis
  • Leadership Skills
  • Goal Focused Coaching & Mentoring

Organisation Development

  • Identifying and profiling the team
  • Importance and factoring of synergy within teams
  • Identification of significant stakeholders
  • Making an impact individually and collectively
  • Teambuilding & supporting different needs
  • The value of vulnerability
  • Synergy of resources
  • Active task setting
  • Strategic task setting
  • Strategic Leadership – definition of organisation mission, collation and agreement of aims, consistent policies and procedures, clear and transparent areas of responsibility and accountability, building trust and aspects of vulnerability management
  • Tactical Leadership – efficiency and effectiveness of working practices, reporting and feedback mechanism systems, building trust, operational emotional intelligence,
  • Individual Development – building skills development, monitoring, feedback, employee engagement opportunities, target setting, professional development appraisals


  • Business Network International 2016 (Preston, Leyland, Chorley)
  • Federation of Small Businesses 2016 (Chorley)
  • National Association of Headteachers 2017 (Chester)
  • National Conference Institute of Business Leadership ISBL 2018 (Birmingham)
  • National Association of Colleges National Conference 2018 (Nottingham)
  • National Education Music Conference Wells Independent School 2018 (Somerset Wells)
  • Airbus BAe Senior Leaders Conference 2018 (Chester)
  • Lancashire Association of School Business Managers Conference 2019 (Chorley)
  • Hounslow Education Authority Regional SBM Conference 2019 (London)
  • North West School Business Manager’s Conference 2019 (Wirral)
  • Newham Education Authority SBM Conference 2019 (London)
  • Cheltenham Headteachers Association Conference 2019 (Cheltenham)
  • Havering Education Authority National Conference 2020 (Essex)
  • The Manchester College International Conference 2020 (Manchester)
  • Aspire National Conference 2020 (Wigan)