Personal development/mindset expert Ross McWilliam has examined the negative effect social media can have on a conference and audience engagement.

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Coaching for Business

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Coaching for Performance

Coaching in business is about working one-on-one with key leaders to create better performance outcomes. We create knowledge transfer sharing pathways, identify appropriate training needs and facilitate greater self-awareness so leaders can make crucial changes.

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Who do I coach?

I coach people at all levels in a business and every stage of their career. Having an external third-party to communicate with, build self-awareness, and share an understanding of potential change options and even just bounce ideas off is ideal for any thriving business. I do this in confidence and non-judgmentally.

Typically, I coach:

CEO/Board level executives

Senior managers

Middle managers

Young professionals / rising stars

Coaching Programmes

My coaching programmes aren’t set in stone as I tailor them to match bespoke requirements. Here are some examples of the programmes I run. I am happy to also chat and talk through options with you.

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All my programmes can be delivered via online platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.