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It has taken Ross 30 years to turn abject failure into consistent success. After failing all his school exams, and with no idea of what he wanted to do with his life, he embarked on what he calls ‘a mission to prove people wrong.’ With the blessing and unconditional support of his parents, he hasn’t looked back since.

What was to follow was a never ending quest to improve himself AND to use this knowledge and experience to help others. During the course of this ‘crusade’ he encountered a series of health challenges such as face and body acne scarring, knee and ankle disability, panic attacks, depression, and ultimately, daily pain – all of which had a profound impact on him and his outlook on life.

It was whilst studying for his Masters in High Performance Coaching at Lakehead University in Canada, that he suffered catastrophic knee and ankle injuries. These injuries would later change the direction his professional life would take.

What initially followed were a series of business and education experiences that involved working in sports coaching in Saudi Arabia, before a selection of full and part time work in road construction, delivery driving, bingo calling, owning a fast food retail shop, before frustration and boredom led him to studying again for his PGCE at University of Southampton, before embarking on a formal teaching career in schools, colleges and universities. Ross also had time to fit in a five year stint as a high profile Commercial Manager at Preston North End FC.

However, it was the sad death of his father in 2012 that was to be the catalyst that would catapult him into turning all his knowledge, qualifications and experience into a career in professional and personal development. Ross has a clear insight into how to engage and develop young people, and equally, senior professionals in the world of high expectations and a results based society.

Ross is now an experienced keynote speaker and trainer who has probably changed the lives of one million people. He has worked in over 1,500 schools, colleges, universities and businesses across three countries developing both future professionals, and upskilling senior executives.

He is a published author, and writes for various educational publications such as The Times Educational Supplement, Headteacher Update, Sec Ed, Primary Times, Mums & Dads Magazine. He also speaks each year at various national conferences such as NAHT Conference 2017, ISBL National Conference 2018, North West SBM 2019, Ealing SBM 2019, Cheltenham SBM Conference 2019. Beyond this work, Ross is also in demand overseas having worked with professionals from Belgium, Norway, Germany, UAE, and Canada.

Ross is a firm believer that everyone can reach their potential in life by finding their talents. When you find one talent, you generally find another nearby. It’s just a case of working hard and smart.

“It’s not about who gets there first that counts, just as long as you get there by turning your potential into results.”

More about the man who changed a million lives

Ross McWilliam

Ross McWilliam BA Hons, MSc, PGCE, CMI Level 7 Organisational Coach, MHFA England Instructor Member 

Ross uses over 30 years educational and business acumen to identify and improve the current capacity and performance levels of :

  • Your Organisation
  • Your Executive Team Leaders
  • Your Delivery Teams

Whether it’s a root and branch approach, or a more targeted intervention approach, Ross will upskill, inspire and facilitate positive and sustained collective or individual behaviour change.

“In essence, if greater success is to be achieved, it will all come down to the mindset of the organisation and its employees.”

Ross works on a behaviour mindset foundation of 4 levels :

  • Credibility
  • Engagement
  • Continuity
  • Impact

The whole aim of his programmes is to ignite positive change and provide the tools for organisations to grow and achieve greater impact, and ultimately, for the organisations to become independent of him.

Performance Outcomes include:

  • Greater Employee Impact Programme ie engagement, motivation, aspiration, presenteeism, efficiency, productivity, team dynamics, wellbeing, resilience, confrontation and communication management
  • Dealing with Change Programme ie identifying and maximising rapid change catalysts
  • New Employee Accelerator Programme ie upskill and emotionally integrate staff to ensure maximum retention and productivity
  • Executive Coaching Pathways Programme ie harnessing current expertise to facilitate improved outcomes
  • Delivery Team Coaching ie understanding team behaviours to facilitate positive change and lever their competitive edge